About Us

Casas Borincanas

 Is a company with expertise in selling pre-designed houses specially designed for our island’s tropical climate.

All of our models are carefully designed by engineers and architects who are very conscious of the real needs of families in Puerto Rico.

In Casas Borincanas we offer our clients the strongest and most comfortable houses in the market. All of our materials and structural designs are of the highest quality and outmatch the leading competitors; and yet we offer the best prices in the market.

Casas Borincanas has a large variety of models available, either cement and concrete or treated wood. 

Today, we have around 50 extraordinary models to please every taste and need of our clients.

Our staff at Casas Borincanas has great expertise and experience in the of pre-designed houses in addition to around 40 years of experience, proving that we are the best people with the right information. When making a decision to buy your new home you will find out that we do have the best choices in the market, and that we prove to be what we say, “Casas Borincanas is more house for your money”.

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