We guide our clients on how to take the right steps to get all their construction permits.

We offer free delivery island wide (Including Vieques and Culebra with additional charge)

All of our house designs have a strong, solid structure which surpasses the structural requirements applicable for the island of Puerto Rico.

Some of our detached cement houses are designed to be able to build a second floor.

All of our houses are designed with a modern facade that is very easy to build, so you will save the extra costs of not justifiable labor work.

All of our concrete models from the “Haciendas del Mar” and “Borincana Original” lines have a 9 feet high roof that makes your home fresher, cozier and comfortable.

The roof drainage of all of our concrete models are hidden within the columns that allow a better appearance, and  prevent those ugly water stains down the walls of the house.

Taking into consideration the importance of keeping your family safe, our concrete houses include additional rebars from roof to floor to strengthen the concrete block walls, making them more resistant to earthquakes and tremors.

Taking into consideration your investment, we designed most of our models resting on reinforced concrete columns with the electrical installation underneath the platform for easy access.

Taking into consideration the safety of your children and/or family members, we have included in most of our models resting on reinforced concrete columns a protection of 3 feets and 4 feets walls around every balcony or terrace to avoid possible accidents.

To speed up the construction process for construction and at the same time lower your labor costs, we include all  the necessary rebar rings for columns and beams.

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