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Invest in safety with Casas Borincanas

Casas Borincanas is a pre-designed house company with the best selling record throughout its long history in the industry. This is a clear evidence of its vast experience, superior customer service, quality of house materials, and much more. If you made your decision to buy or acquire a new home, then you must take your time to think carefully to make the best choice for getting a pre-designed home. There are several important factors and details you must take into consideration before deciding the pre-designed house building company you will choose from which to buy your future home.

The company of your choice must have the necessary selling experience, the expertise on the construction of pre-designed houses, as well as extent knowledge on the delivery and proper management of construction materials, and with great customer service to back it up. In addition, it must own its own storage areas to store all included materials avoiding unnecessary risks during the purchasing process of your house materials and, this way, eliminate the uncertainty of finding out who will end up delivering such materials.

On the other hand, if there is no suitable storage area, who can guarantee you that the house finishings you chose do really exist at all? And instead to find out everything was an irresponsible selling strategy to fill the eye, making you purchase but never get what you paid for? This may happen not only with the finishings, but also it is extremely necessary that the proper storage of the structural materials should be in accordance to the specifications given in the house plan or outlay. Now, if there is no storage area for these materials, who can guarantee you that the delivered materials (by the way, who delivers?) do comply with the specifications found in the house plan or layout ? Such storage areas must be supported by a fleet of trucks and forklifts so the delivery of building materials can be precise, fast, on-time and complete.    

In Casas Borincanas we have around 40 years of experience in selling and building  pre-designed houses, delivering and managing construction materials islandwide, storing (where all your construction materials are kept safe and delivered) and supporting it with a truck fleet with forklifts, a modern showroom, real pre-design models within our premises, excellent customer service and engineering staff. We offer the best available delivery by stages and high quality construction materials, which is very important because it reduces building costs and time significantly.

There are many companies around with little or no experience that mislead clients with confusing delivery stages and materials. Do not let anyone confuse you with their unreal selling strategies.

Casas Borincanas is the only pre-designed house building company that offers five (5) model lines that adjust to any budget or need. Today, Casas Borincanas have an arsenal of around 50 models to choose from. Casas Borincanas is, with its solid business structure, the true experts in the industry.

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