For the benefit of our clients, we have created this section and collected with the help of our sales staff, the most frequent questions from our clients. For additional questions, please contact us. Remember that in Casas Borincanas we are at your service.
Well, being the fact that Casas Borincanas is an honest and transparent company not willing to entice our clients with false promises, we are sincere enough to say that you must purchase the sand and rocks at the price any hardware store or company will sell it to anyone else due to the fact that these type of materials are in fact purchased through the truckers that bring them from the sand or rock quarries. To tell you more, we know of many competitors out there that buy these materials at retail prices from hardwares. Being this the case, just imagine how much will these people charge to every customer in order to cover the high prices they paid for such materials.
Simple, being the fact that the personnel of Casas Borincanas is highly experienced in the construction field – for we work hand to hand with contractors and satisfied clients – we are sure that there is no other safest and better delivery method than the two-stage delivery, for it speeds up the building process and avoids the setbacks between client and contractor.

All of our treated wood houses include a system of clamps that strengthen the structure and makes them capable of resisting hurricane force winds and earthquakes. No one can tell you exactly how much wind can any wood house resist but we can tell you that if you build in accordance with the specifications given in the house plan or layout, and install the included clamps according to the instructions given your house it will be very resistant. By experience, we can assure you that our built models have resisted 100-mile winds from hurricanes Hugo, Georges, Maria and other tropical storms.

The houses in complete stages of the Borincana Tradicional and Caribe model lines are the same houses as those in the Luxury Stage, that is, the house structure and quality of materials do not vary. The only slight variations are in some finishings, yet the house is ready to be occupied. The great difference is in our low prices – something only Casas Borincanas knows how to do successfully.

With the purchase of any of our houses, you will receive the approved plan and layout of the house by the OGPe (Puerto Rico’s Permit Management Office) islandwide, that is, you can submit your plan to any of the island’s regional offices of the OGPe along with any other document we will give you (such as, other approvals, etc.). You must visit the office of a licensed engineer in order for him to submit your documents to acquire the requested construction permits. In addition, you must acquire an insurance policy from the FSE (State Insurance Fund), pay the due municipal tax, stamps and vouchers.
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