Material's list

Models Boricua Models

Luxury Stage:

  • Cement for Concrete Footing, for the laying of concrete blocks, for the filling of columns, for plastering interior and exterior walls, and floor toppings
  • Rebars for concrete footing, floor, roof, beams and columns
  • Rebar rings for beams and columns
  • 6” Concrete blocks for concrete footings, walls, verticals and septic tanks
  • Ready-Mix cement for floors, roof, and beams by participant cement mixing companies (Client must pay for the rent of pump truck)
  • 16 gauge wire and rebar tie wire
  • Steel nails and common nails
  • “Duro-Wall” for concrete block walls
  • Electrical and plumbing material
  • Construction adhesive for plastering
  • Septic tank materials
  • Pedestal for electricity meter
  • Selection of glass windows for the front of the house
  • Aluminum windows
  • Floor tiles for toe kick
  • Bathroom tiles (Shower area up to 6”)
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Bonding agent and grout (for bathroom tiles and floor tiles)
  • Paint and primer
  • French door for the front and metal door for kitchen
  • mahogany semi-solid doors for interiors
  • Closet doors
  • Closet rods
  • Shower curtain rods
  • Bathroom accessories set
  • First-aid kits
  • Lamps for exteriors and interiors
  • Luxurious kitchen cabinet with double-sink,disposer and fittings
  • Electric heater
  • Toilet and pedestal bathroom sink combo
  • Utility sink
  • House plans and layout approved by OGPe (Puerto Rico’s Permit Management Office)

All Boricua models:

  • 8’ feet high ceiling, including outlets for the installation of Cable TV and telephone lines to the living room and family room (if applicable)
  • Free delivery islandwide (except Vieques and Culebra)
  • Rocks and sand not included
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