Material's list

Haciendas del Mar Models

Luxury Stage:

  • Cement for concrete footing, laying concrete blocks, fill columns, plastering interior and exterior walls, and floor toppings
  • Rebars for Concrete Footing, floor, roof, beams and columns
  • Rings for beams and columns
  • 6” Concrete blocks for concrete footing, lifting walls, roof outstand and septic tanks
  • Electrical and plumbing materials
  • “Ready mix” for floors, roof and beams by participating concrete mixing companies (client must pay the rent for ready mix truck)
  • Wire #16 and rebars tie wire
  • Steel nails and common nails
  • Safety windows for the front of the house (Several models to choose from)
  • 0.62 Aluminum windows
  • Primer for house interiors and exteriors
  • Paint (wide selection of colors)
  • Interior doors (including frames, locks and hinges)
  • Full-glass doors for the front of the house and terrace
  • Exterior doors (including frames, locks and hinges) (Only available on Coral y Marejada models)
  • Lamps for house interior and exteriors
  • Modern floor tiles with baseboards for house interiors, balcony, porch and terrace
  • Modern kitchen cabinets and counter top
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Bathtub for both bathrooms
  • Elongated toilet
  • Pedestal bathroom sink
  • “Bidet” for master bathroom
  • Bathroom wall tiles (9’ tall walls)
  • Shower curtain rods
  • Bathroom accessories set
  • Bonding agent and grout (for bathroom ceramic tiles and floor tiles)
  • Utility sink for laundry room
  • Electric heater line
  • Bedroom closet rods
  • Mirror bi-fold closet doors
  • All rooms are prepared for air conditioner installation
  • 110 outlet for the ceiling of the porch
  • Septic tank materials (Sizes as indicated in house plan)
  • Materials to build the pedestal of the electrical meter
  • Bonding agent for plastering
  • “Duro Wall” for block walls (as indicated in house plan)
  • House plan and layout approved by OGPe (Puerto Rico’s Permit Management office)

All Haciendas del Mar models:

  • Includes outlet boxes for Cable TV, antenna or phone installation to every room, living room and family room
  • 9’ high roof.  Coral model 9’ high roof in bedroom areas; 9’-6” high roof in the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room area; 10’ high roof in entrance hall.
  • Free delivery islandwide (except Vieques and Culebra)
  • Driveway, sidewalks, grab bars, rails, sand or rocks not included
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