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Olas - Floor plants


One of the most solid pre-designed houses around is the Olas model. 2,450 construction feet is undoubtedly a clear example of what a spacious and safe house should be. This house includes 2 open terraces, one on the Top Floor and the other on the Ground Floor, which allows you to choose where to celebrate any particular event. The Ground Floor is the common ground for all family members: the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room. The Top Floor is the private section: the bedrooms with 2 comfortable bathrooms and a laundry room. It is like having two houses in one.

Design Features

• 3 Bedrooms • 2½ Bathrooms • Family Room • Walk-In Closet • Living Room • Dining Room • Kitchen • 2-Vehicle Porch • Open Terrace (Top Floor) • Open Terrace (Ground Floor) • Interior Laundry Room (Top Floor) • Utility / Laundry (Ground Floor) • Dimensions: 35’-6” x 48’ • Floor Area: 2,450 construction feet approximately
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